Sleep is an essential aspect of living, but unfortunately, continues to be very common health concern in our society. Diminished sleep quality affects our health in many more ways than just a feeling fatigued the next day. Sleep disturbances including problems falling asleep, staying asleep or being a light sleeper all decrease quality of sleep. Poor sleep quality can contribute to symptoms such as memory loss, poor concentration, mood disorders. Furthermore, dysregulated circadian rhythm and can negatively impact our hormonal health. It’s paramount that we establish an understanding of the underlying causes depriving you of quality sleep and strive to regulate your sleep patterns. Through thorough intake and functional testing we’re able to determine whether your sleep concerns are stemming from nutritional deficiencies, a consequence of hormonal dysregulation and/or a result of poor sleep hygiene. Once the root cause of the sleep disturbances assessed, effective and accurate naturopathic treatments can be implemented to restore healthy circadian rhythm.